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the psycho !@#$ from hell - pt 2.2

this is also an older convo.

peachiz12: call me
TesorC: no thanks
peachiz12: y not jus do it real quick
peachiz12: my old cell
TesorC: i would if you were capable of conversation
peachiz12: 201 *******
peachiz12: i am
TesorC: but since youre not... you know... i have better things to do
peachiz12: ull see
peachiz12: i can a good conversation
peachiz12: oon the phoen
peachiz12: beter
TesorC: whatever
peachiz12: go
peachiz12: if i cant jus hang up on me
TesorC: sit stay bark..... i dont take orders from you child
peachiz12: excuse me ur the dog here
peachiz12: no see u asked 4 that
peachiz12: ur the one who starts it
TesorC: i didnt start a thing
peachiz12: sit stay bark
peachiz12: i think u bein a lil smart ass
TesorC: indeed
peachiz12: call
peachiz12: i wanna say srry
peachiz12: i have been realy rude
TesorC: yeah right.
peachiz12: i have
peachiz12: but u dont wanna give me a chance so ur the rude on now
peachiz12: im tryin to say srry
TesorC: why in the world would i believe you when the last time you said you wanted to be friends you ended with a 'i wasnt being serious haha' type comment?
peachiz12: i know i wanna say srry 4 that too
TesorC: you can say sorry on the internet
peachiz12: no its not the same
peachiz12: u need to appogize to
TesorC: for what?
peachiz12: posten my !@#$ on the internet
peachiz12: w.e u dont wanna call then fine
TesorC: i dont have to appologize for that
peachiz12: fine w.e then
TesorC: if you write something to someone else, it can and will be used against you
peachiz12: ok then fine
peachiz12 is away at 2:48:36 PM.
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