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the accomplice

this girl is why the psycho !@#$ from hell found me... the association is unclear.

TesorC: youre friend is as charming as ever
******MATT**: what i couldnt see that
TesorC: i said your friend is as charming as ever
******MATT**: ooo
******MATT**: why..?
TesorC: i guess you missed the conversation i posted on broadwayworld? its been deleted by now
******MATT**: oh whats the link
TesorC: its been deleted ...
******MATT**: oh why
TesorC: but anyway
******MATT**: what
TesorC: now shes even more pissed cuz she saw it
******MATT**: oh
******MATT**: well i wouldnt consider her one of my friends
TesorC: well whatever she is to you
TesorC: shes psycho
TesorC: but funny none the less
******MATT**: lol ..why what did she do
TesorC: shes threatening to beat me up now
TesorC: like im scared of her
******MATT**: oh
******MATT**: i would like to see it
******MATT**: i like to watch her fight
TesorC: why is that
******MATT**: i dont know i enjoy it
TesorC: ok
******MATT**: i fought her on friday
TesorC: yeah i figured that, with you being in florida and all
TesorC: and her cell phone being a florida number
******MATT**: yea
TesorC: that you were probably seeing her
******MATT**: but how did you know i was in florida
TesorC: you told me
******MATT**: oh i kinda slow
******MATT**: but yea i dont think she would fight you because i dont know how she would meet you
TesorC: oh shes threatening to fly to ny
TesorC: and she mentioned a nj !@#$
******MATT**: oh
TesorC: whom i thought was you
******MATT**: lol
TesorC: but what do i know
******MATT**: da new jersey bitches
******MATT**: shes kinda crazy
TesorC: shes still talkin to me
TesorC: and shes mad i posted our last convo on a website
TesorC: im wondering what shell think when i do it again
******MATT**: i dont fight people mmore then 3 years older then me so if the new jersey bitches were gonna fight you i wouldnt
******MATT**: why do you post it on there
TesorC: cuz its funny
TesorC: and its pisses her off
******MATT**: oh
TesorC: shes not even good at conversation
******MATT**: shes gansta
TesorC: everything i say goes over her head
******MATT**: well thinks she is
******MATT**: what did she say to you in the convo
TesorC: ill post it somewhere else later and you can read it
TesorC: its a really long convo
******MATT**: i cant get on the internet
TesorC: so i couldnt copy and paste it
******MATT**: like what did she have to say
******MATT**: did she say anything thats corny word i know
TesorC: nothing new..... just that im a lesbo, dyke, cripped, !@#$, blah blah
TesorC: said she was a whore
******MATT**: oh
TesorC: that she had a dick in her ass as we were talkin
******MATT**: your a cripped
TesorC: and that no one would ever have sex with me
******MATT**: oh
TesorC: im disabled yes, youve met me
******MATT**: cripped is a gang too
******MATT**: and i dont think i have met you
TesorC: you gave matt a big hersheys kiss on his last night, did you not?
******MATT**: yea
TesorC: see
TesorC: then we met
******MATT**: oh but i didnt met you
******MATT**: like met would be like talk
TesorC: i said hi to you
******MATT**: no
******MATT**: i dont think so
******MATT**: well if you did i dont remember at all
TesorC: i did
******MATT**: i know my brother said hes met you but i dont think i have
******MATT**: but i believe you if you say we did
******MATT** signed off at 1:30:12 PM.
******MATT** signed on at 1:34:54 PM.
******MATT**: sorry my computer crashed did you say anything
******MATT**: she blocked you so idont think you will be hearing from her again
******MATT** is away at 1:39:04 PM.
******MATT** returned at 1:40:02 PM.
TesorC: im not blocked actually
******MATT**: oh she said she blocked you
TesorC: but hey, she knows what ive been telling you, i guess shes a better friend than you let on
******MATT**: no i just told her
******MATT**: you can tihnk were friends but she calls me a preppy ass cracker so i dont know
TesorC: interesting how you both signed off at the same time too
******MATT**: what
******MATT**: when
TesorC: just before when your computer crashed
******MATT**: my online time is like 5 min
******MATT**: her is 16 hours
******MATT** signed off at 1:45:54 PM.
******MATT** signed on at 1:46:05 PM.
TesorC: that doesnt mean anything really... you can be signed on with one screen name and not the other. im not making an accusation anyway. i just think its noteworthy that she knows things i tell you and signed off at the same time.
******MATT**: shes in florida and im in new jersey so were not on the same computer
******MATT**: so you think im her
******MATT**: you could hae just said it
TesorC: i dont think anything beyond the fast that shes a dumb annoying little kid
TesorC: fact*
******MATT**: oh ok
******MATT**: and you prob think the same about me so bc you think im her
TesorC: well i dont see why youd tell her what i say if shes not your friend
TesorC: i also have yet to see the two of you type something at the same time
TesorC: she seems oddly quiet while you talk
******MATT**: listen
******MATT**: i knoew it aint me
******MATT**: because i have 2 screen names and peachiz12 aint one
TesorC: but like i said, im not accusing you of anything, im not worried enough to be pissed about this
TesorC: im nothing but amused
******MATT**: whatever
******MATT**: im pissed that you think im her
******MATT**: eww
******MATT**: shes like gross
TesorC: well if you hate her so much why tell her what i say?
TesorC: i mean, i thought youd do that, it just suggests something is not as you want it to seem
******MATT**: i never said i hated her
******MATT**: i said i wouldnt consider her my friend
******MATT**: she did fight me
******MATT**: i told her that your not scared
TesorC: i think she couldve figured that one out on her own
******MATT** signed off at 1:55:32 PM.
******MATT** signed on at 1:59:20 PM.
******MATT**: she if iw as her she puts her fone number one her away message and its a 561 number thats florida..and i live in jerey so i cant be her
TesorC: yeah i did notice her number was florida based
******MATT**: i live in the 201 area thats new jersey so id ont know how i would have a 561 area code
******MATT**: you could cal her and ask her katie and i bet her mother wouldnt know what your tlaking about
TesorC: what?
TesorC: youd have to be an idiot to hand your cell phone to your mother
******MATT** signed off at 2:05:30 PM.
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