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The Twilight Zone

I watched it the other night, and they had a remake of "In the Eye of the Beholder". That was the classic episode where it showed a young woman swathed in bandages in a hospital. Apparently the future will bring a society whereby if you don't resemble everyone else, you must change or be severely punished, or sometimes killed. She was on her upteenth set of plastics to make her more like everyone else or she would either be killed or suffer banishment. She was worried about being ugly, and her fright was very apparent.

Well...time came for the bandages to come off. She hadn't changed a bit and she panicked and ran through the halls, which were full of TV sets with the Supreme Leader ranting about how everyone had to conform or die. The doctor brought a man from the settlement they sent uglies to and they talked her into going with him to live.

Oh, one thing...the woman was Molly Sims, top model, without makeup. You see, the doctors, nurses, Der Fuehrer, et al were was we would consider extremely ugly. The man she was going to go to the camp with was also what we would consider handsome.

Irony...the funniest form of humour...
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